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  • April 7th, 2014 - “Neither the media nor the public has received a fair and balanced presentation of the facts surrounding this case, or of James Holmes and his mental health, based on the information concerning the facts that has been made public thus far. Unfortunately, the palpable effects of this case have festered within a community surrounded by unremitting prejudicial news coverage. As a result, prejudgment abounds, including the vilification of James Holmes as evil rather than a severely mentally ill young man.

The families and friends of the victims deserve the truth.

We've all been told a story by the media about the Aurora Century 16th shooting on July 20, 2012 that doesn't make much sense. The media has essentially convicted James Holmes, presuming him guilty of the tragic event before a trial has even occurred.  They want us to believe that this young man was allegedly found sitting in his own car just waiting for the police to arrive after he reportedly shot dozens of people, killing 12, in a movie theatre at the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises.  And then he warned them that there were booby traps set up in his apartment, potentially saving officers' lives.

I'm not saying he is innocent, but how have we jumped to the conclusion that he is guilty?  There is not a single cell phone video, security video, or photo of the shooting taking place showing a "James Holmes" gunman.  Not even one.  This is odd, considering the number of people that must have been present.

I will present new evidence and new facts about the Aurora Century 16 theatre shooting that have mostly gone unreported - information that may challenge or change the way you view the case.  Information that comes from social media webpages and other sites that we were told by the Aurora police chief Dan Oates to avoid.  And I will raise the question, why were we told this (at 7:20 mark)?

Let's start at the beginning.  MTV's Pimp My Ride celebrity Diggity Dave Aragon got a phone call around a month before the shooting from a person "claiming to be James Holmes".  Although we've been told by the media it was James Holmes, there is actually no way to corroborate that.  No phone records, no audio recording of the call has been presented. About a month before the July 20 shooting would be, June 20, 2012.

Let me introduce you to the first new evidence; some social media pages about David Aragon all created precisely on June 20, 2012.

The first question that pops into my mind is, did Dave Aragon create these pages and do so all on the same day?  That doesn't seem likely.

The Twitter page reveals the most about the owner of the pages and shows them following 8 other users - David Spade, Entertainment Weekly, Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher, Kim Kardashian, Galpin Ford, Rena Davenport, and Exquisite Air Charter.

The Facebook page has an about page.  It lists not only the Blogspot, but also provides a domain name This domain is not currently owned by Dave Aragon.  And the Facebook itself appears to not be the real page, which appears actually to be this.  So these, pages all seem to be tied together, but are apparently impersonating David Aragon.

A search on the Internet Archive on reveals content that appeared on the page in August 1, 2012, which you can view here.  In short, it appears to be a phishing attack page that asks the viewer to "submit your email to get notified upon a launch of the official site" in April of 2012.  Phishing is a computer term for an identity theft technique.

All of the social media pages I listed appear to be made to legitimize a Dave Aragon phishing website, which was later suspended (which you can see by viewing later dates on the Internet Archive).

So what the question becomes  - why did someone create fake Diggity Dave Aragon social media pages all on June 20, 2012 and create a phishing attack website?  Remember, this all occurred before the Aurora theatre shooting by a month.

So now let's go back to this phone call that Dave Aragon said he received a month before July 20, 2012.  Who was on the other end of the phone call?  It was a person "claiming to be James Holmes" who seemed to have prior knowledge of the events of the shooting yet to come.  They asked questions about a body count in a movie David Aragon was working on in which he played Batman titled "Suffocator of Sins".

The person talked about "the Joker".  Could it have been an identity thief?  The call suddenly becomes very strange and sounds more like phishing for info.  Could it have been someone impersonating or using the fake name James Holmes?   Has anyone considered this or even asked a question in the media?  It seems fairly important, doesn't it?

But the rabbit hole gets a lot deeper.  Much, much deeper.

Enter Jonathan Lee Riches, a man who once attempted to legally change his name to James Eagan Holmes and also ran for Aurora City Council giving as a reference, James Holmes.

Who is he?  He is a self-proclaimed prankster (a "Joker", if you will), computer hacker, bank robber, and federal inmate who is infamous for filing the most lawsuits in America.  He also helped develop the technique of phishing.  He has famously sued Kim Kardashian, Tom Cruise, and Ashton Kutcher, all of which were people who were followed on the Dave Aragon Twitter account .  He's filed thousands of lawsuits.  You can read about him here.

What ties him to the Aurora shooting, you ask? Well, this work has already been done and you can read all about it here.

A brief summary; Riches impersonated Allison Michelle Ernst and filed a motion to intervene in the James Holmes trial.

He did so apparently by dressing in a red dress, shaving his head bald and disrupting the proceedings by standing  up and claimed to have information proving James Holmes was innocent.  Think about this, what inspires a person to show up and disrupt a trial?  He's showing off, of course.

A screen capture of a news video captured a woman in a red dress along next to family and survivors of the shooting.

Allison Michelle Ernst is a name that may be familiar to you if you recall the April 10, 2014 incident in which a shoe was thrown at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Mugshot of "Allison Michelle Ernst"

A simple Google search reveals the following blog, unreported by the media:

Indeed, Riches claimed in a signed letter on November 23, 2013 to be Allison Ernst on what appears to be his Tumblr page.  Also, this is unreported by the mainstream media.

This seems to corroborate with this Yeom Pho Lee blog that appears to be created by Riches and it was reported that he went to Sandy Hook and posed as Adam Lanza's uncle.

If you browse online for blogspots created by Riches, you might also come across some of these blogs.

You might also find some blogs that appear to be impersonated and relating to images posted on his Facebook page, like this.

In fact, these blogs were found via this GooglePlus account.  It shows a pattern of impersonation, identity theft, and generally being "a joker".

Ok, we're getting pretty far down the rabbit hole now.  It's getting super creepy.  But why stop here?  Once you know this much, you can find pretty much the whole story.  The real story.  The media story falls apart into tiny pieces of nonsense and reality storms in.

The pictures posted on his Facebook are absolutely mind boggling.

Believe it or not, it gets worse.

Tweet on @johnnysuenami on July 20, 2012 the morning of the Aurora shooting

7:20 similar to 4:20 can be found on the Urban Dictionary.  It refers to a snow cone, which in turn refers to catching a ball at the top of the glove - snagging a catch. "Snow" means something that is radical, cool, or otherwise awesome ... a top score, ... generally off the hook in its beauty, power.

According to the Facebook page FreeJLR819, a "friend" of Jonathan wrote the following disgusting letter (the man is a convicted pedophile):

This was posted to the page on March 24, 2014 - only a few weeks before the shoe throwing incident.  Did the media report this?  Did they follow up on this?  Have they connected this in any way?

Naomi Sue Palma, Jonathan's wife

What she think about this?  Here is a posting she made on February 7, 2013 on her Facebook page.

Thomas Brinkley aka Michael Cravey - Aurora Investigator Targetted

Some of this guy's video footage was displayed during segments with Chris Matthews on MSNBC.  But here is what Chris Matthews didn't tell you.

"If something happens to me my real name is not Thomas Brinkley. Search the internet to see what happened..."

Read the "Read More" section of this page and forward to 33:00

Thomas Brinkley believed that he was being targetted by Jonathan Lee Riches.  He issued a "public insurance policy" in this video because he was obviously feared for his life.  He realized a lot of what many other people are just now discovering about Jonathan Lee Riches.  Here is Thomas Brinkley/Michael Cravey's take on the Aurora shooting incident.  It's long, but worth listening to his interpretation.

Be sure to read the comments on that video.

Unfortunately, Cravey was killed, gunned down  just in March of 2014 by multiple gunshots (nine or so) for allegedly attacking a police officer with a hatchet.  Still, the circumstances of the case are bizarre and many that knew Cravey were surprised at the reports.

Here is the Video of the Batman skit he is talking about.  These images of him behaving as "The Joker" were screen capped and posted on his Youtube page, linked above in the "Read More" section.

Again, Michael Cravey goes online to talk about someone filing frivolous lawsuits and the way the FBI is paying off criminals to be informants.

Cellphone clip of small individual dressed in a Batman costume at 6:20 in the following video.

More details, threads, discussion if this topic interests you:

Some other interesting points about the shooting are, how did James Holmes get the weapons and the 6,000 rounds of ammo he supposedly used?  Reports say they cost about $15,000.  Media alleged he bought them online.  But this was a technique Jonathan Lee Holmes and his partner were also known for when CNN reported on "How to Rob a Bank" that aired May 20, 2006.

Carpenter charged computer parts and other electronics at retail Web sites. He had the merchandise shipped to this vacant house with a note on the door -- this is a deaf residency. Please leave the packages if no one answers. 
(On camera): And that whole thing about the deaf residency? I mean, you're smiling. This was well thought out. 
CARPENTER: You know, the delivery companies are there to please. 
GRIFFIN (voice-over): Carpenter's partner in crime, Jonathan Riches, had bigger aspirations. 
For each fraudulent credit card Agent Dunlap found -- and there were hundreds, Riches had a phony driver's license.
DUNLAP: So that he could go into a store and not only produce the credit card, but also the I.D. to go with it. GRIFFIN: Riches bought this $6,000 four-wheeler, this $6,600 jet ski, and all this jewelry, including a $9,000 engagement ring for his girlfriend. 
DUNLAP: And I think there's a certain adrenalin involved. And Riches told me himself that he got a certain high from doing this. 
GRIFFIN: He charged computers, cameras and clothes to sell on E- Bay. He charged Western Union money transfers, using fake I.D.s to claim the cash. And he charged cash advances with a cock and bull story in several banks. 
DUNLAP: One of the stories that he used was that, you know, they were on their honeymoon and they had to divert because his grandmother was ill and they needed the money to help care for medical expenses. 
GRIFFIN: Riches scammed enough to pay cash for this house -- $107,000 -- with $37,000 more stashed inside. 
It's also interesting that Thomas Brinkley claimed to have told many people online "I was boobytrapping my apt on multiple occassions" on his Youtube channel page.   That claim again comes in the "Read More" section of his Youtube channel page.

Are all of these things a coincidence?  Are they adding up?  Are they changing your perspective?

You should be asking why you haven't heard about a good portion of this.  True, some of it came out in small bits and pieces, but it was mostly swept under the rug by the media - apparently withheld from top headlines.  You have to ask, why?  Why has the media basically gone cold on one of the biggest mass killings of Americans?

Is Riches even a suspect?  If you want to talk about someone that is mentally ill and capable of violent behavior, Riches certainly fits the bill.  Much more than Holmes, who had no other prior criminal record.

According to Aurora police chief Dan Oates, they have their man.  Is it a ruse?  A cover? An undercover sting to try and capture Riches? After reading this, don't you think there is more than enough to take him in and hold him for questioning?  Don't you think he should be facing charges already?   I mean, are they serious????

Do you think that maybe Riches could have taken it upon himself to commit his own "covert crossdressing operation" and throw the shoe at Hillary on April 10, 2014?  Or maybe he had one of his inmate friends or someone that liked him on Twitter to do it for him. Is this all, at a minimum - a possibility?

It seems to me to be more than mere coincidence - more than someone with a strange obsession. Some of these facts predate the tragic shooting. How could Riches possibly have known about James Holmes or the shooting before it happened?

Please, keep an open mind about this case.  Hopefully, the truth will come out during the trial and the families will learn the truth.  Please keep asking questions and holding people accountable.  Just don't ignore the social media about this, as Oates suggests.  There are certain things on social media that cannot be faked.  The internet archive cannot be faked.  Some of this should be important facts considered in the police investigation and referenced in press releases.

Dan Oates claimed the press needed to be responsible, yet when was Oates planning on starting to be?  Isn't this one of the most irresponsible, inept police investigations you have ever seen in your life? Why are they "confident" this is their guy and insisting he acted alone?

Thanks for reading.  The most important thing about this is to keep asking questions.  Keep pressing for answers.  The truth will come out.